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RELIABLE service.

Our ACUMEN of the HVAC construction industry makes us the BEST choice in the field for quality.

Our customers get ASSERTIVENESS and



Customer satisfaction is a priority.

Our prefabricated duct systems meet

the highest level of quality.

Because we understand that timeliness is essential in the industry, we strive for timely deliveries.



Josue “JT” has worked in the HVAC industry for over 30 years. JT obtained his initial training and experience in Mexico. He subsequently moved to the states and gained additional skills and experience in Texas. JT’s experience broadened in 1996 when he was hired by an HVAC company located in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he started as an installer and moved through the ranks to Senior Project Manager in 2005. He was fortunate to have learned the different branches of the production department which proved to be vital for his role as Senior Project Manager (SPM). Throughout the different jobs, including SPM he acquired the skills, experience and knowledge of the industry, including the fabrication of flexible duct systems for installation at new residential and commercial construction. JT knows and understands the importance of quality workmanship performed in a timely manner. JT understands the demands HVAC companies face in the construction industry and knows what, how, and when things need to get done. The experience he gained in the last 25 years gave him the knowledge and experienced to operate JT & Sons Prefab-N-More.


Josue has been in the HVAC industry for over ten years. Josue first worked for a local HVAC company where he started doing change outs as well as finish on new construction. Josue subsequently moved to an HVAC parts and supply house where he worked as an inside sales associate for eight years. Josue’s knowledge and understanding of the HVAC industry plays an essential role in meeting our client’s needs. Josue’s objective is to offer the best pricing available and works diligently to ensure our clients’ needs are met in a timely matter. Josue is a great asset and we are proud to have Josue as our Accounts Manager.


Cristian has been in the HVAC industry since 2013. Cristian started working for a local HVAC company as a finish installer. Cristian subsequently moved to the shop where he learned to fabricate metal. In 2018 Cristian obtained his certification from Nevada Technical Institute. After a couple of years out in the HVAC service department with a local company, we are happy to announce that he finally joined us and we are proud to have Cris as our Warehouse Manager.

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